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Alternate Living Considerations



Professional/For Profit Agencies


If you have determined you would like to remain in your current home with the assistance of a caregiver, the fee-based agencies below can help you to find in-home assistance.  There are at least 3 ways you can hire a caregiver to assist you. 

  • You can hire them privately without the assistance of an agency.  In this case, you are responsible for payroll taxes, social security, Medicare and unemployment.  You are responsible for background checks.

  • You could use a Full-Service agency.  They do all the background checks and handle payroll & taxes.

  • You could use a Domestic Referral Agency (DRA).  In this case, the agency recruits a caregiver for you.  However, the caregiver is not an employee of the agency.  You may still be responsible for taxes, workers compensation and liability insurance.


The agencies listed below fall into the Full Service or Domestic Referral bracket.  It is your responsibility to interview them to determine which category they fit into.

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