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The Foundation remains financially strong and while we may not have succeeded in raising anticipated funds in 2022, our programs and services will continue into 2023. Despite the continued interruption of COVID, due to donations and sound investments, the Foundation did have a successful fiscal year. Looking ahead, we will know just how successful our current year was at year end close.  As this annual report is being presented at the annual meeting, it will cover September, 2021 and the first 7 months 0f 2022.



Hail and Farewells


We were fortunate to have three new members join our Board of Directors in 2021 and 2022 – Lisa Cryan, Linda Cilenti, and Arleeta Krolikowski, as we bid farewell to Edna Zissler. We say THANK YOU ALL for your service.


Fund Raising     


Things have not been quite as busy as the past due to COVID.  However we were able to offer and raise since July 2021:


  • March Bingo - $5,151

  • June Golf Tournament – $12,101 (does not include expenses for

  • Home Maintenance Program - $1,981

  • Annual Friends of the Foundation - $30,551


While somewhat below budget, we look forward to a much more active 2022-23 for our Fund Raising Events.



Programs & Services


We continue to fulfill our Mission Statement to provide exceptional services for the physical, cultural, educational, and social needs of Sun City Roseville residents:

  • Home Maintenance- September 2021 – May, 2022 achieved 906 house calls with a total of 1,151 maintenance actions.

  • Sunshine Services Financial Support

    • Caregiver Relief

    • Individual Care

    • Medical Equipment Loans

    • Dial-A-Ride

  • Association Quarterly Speaker Series Financial Support

  • Décor Loan Items

  • Alternate Living Planning

  • Survivor’s Planning Program

  • Foundation Golf Tournament

  • Vitalant Partnership


We were able to bring back our Biannual Bingo Event and will be planning our Fall Event for 2022.  We did say goodbye to our Vehicle Donation Program.


Other Achievements


Our Public Relations outreach continues to be strong:


  • Submitted monthly Courier and Sun Senior News articles

  • Foundation Website Enhancements

  • Placed annual full-page ad in Association Directory & Community Guide

  • Continue to strengthen our communication and co-operation with the Association Executive Director, Board of Directors, and various Department Managers and key staff people as well as with numerous Clubs and Groups

  • Ensured each dollar spent by the Foundation benefited our residents

  • Retained a Financial Consultant to work with our Investment Committee members to continue the growth of our investments. 

  • Presented the Foundation at two New Resident Welcome events as well as other clubs and groups inviting us to speak.

  • Approved purchase of new wheelchairs for Sunshine Services

  • Participated in Activities events geared towards new members for clubs and group and special services

  • In June, we offered our second presentation to the community to explain the functions and purposes of the Foundation.  The attendance was not as good as we’d hoped, but we will continue these on a semi-annual basis.


          The Foundation depends of the generosity of each Director’s time and could not exist without it.  Highly regarded is the participation by each Director whenever a fellow Director needs assistance on a project.  In closing, I wish to express my gratitude to you, the Board Members, for the support you have extended to me since becoming Chair.  I appreciate everything you do and look forward to a successful 2022-23. 


Nancy Schubach, Chairperson

Sun City Roseville Foundation

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