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Article for April 2021:



A charitable service organization by and for the residents of Sun City Roseville

 by Toni Fisher, Chair and Public Relations Director

Welcome, New Residents!

Numerous homes in Sun City were sold this past year and the For Sale signs are reappearing as spring approaches.  With many new owners and tenants moving in, it seems appropriate to describe the work of the Sun City Foundation and what it offers to all residents, both owners and tenants.

As stated on our website (, “The mission of the Foundation is to provide services that address the physical, cultural, educational and social needs of Sun City Roseville residents, beyond those services already provided by the Community Association.”  Our motto is: “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”.  We offer a variety of services and activities within our mission beginning with our highly valued Home Maintenance Teams.  Pairs of resident volunteers work one week each on a rotating basis.  They enjoy using their talents performing a variety of helpful minor home repairs to help you with such needs as garage door lubrication, minor plumbing repairs, replacement of smoke alarm batteries, or entire alarms if outdated.  Each team has at least one member who is able to climb a ladder to change ceiling lights or check on ceiling fans; they can also move a bulky piece of furniture.  If you have a different need, just ask and they can tell you if they are able to assist.

Another service recently described in this space which has had an exceptional response is our Survivor’s Guide.  This binder has pages which remind you of all the information to record for up to two residents in the event one is hospitalized, or possibly passes on, and is a helpful resource for family members.  If you think it may be time to move to the next level of housing in an extended care facility, information on local facilities is in our Alternate Living Considerations Program which is continually updated on our website.  Our décor loan program offers a variety of items for your home celebrations or to decorate the tables for your club’s event at Sierra Pines.  If interested in these services, call our phone number (916)774.9040 and speak to one of our phone volunteers.

Several Foundation events serve our commitment to residents’ social needs.  These include two bingo afternoons, our fall dinner dance and casino night and our annual golf tournament.  While we sometimes raise funds with these events, our main purpose is your enjoyment.   Another social event is the Association’s Speaker Series, funded by the Foundation and offering interesting speakers selected by our Activities Director, Sharon Mowry.

For your physical needs, we have funded a handicapped-accessible exercise machine in the Fitness Center, the benches situated around Sun City and the lights at School House Park.  We also provide support funding for the Sunshine Services Programs including the caregiver and caregiver relief programs and discounted tickets for the Dial-A-Ride program.

Our Board of Directors and the residents who perform the services are all unpaid volunteers and, as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, our work is funded through some events and the free will tax-deductible donations offered by our residents.

Next month’s article will offer ideas we hope will encourage you to get involved.