Article for October 2020:



A charitable service organization by and for the residents of Sun City Roseville

 by Toni Fisher, Foundation Chair

Keeping In Touch – At a Distance

We survived the spring and summer seasons of pandemic as we wisely followed the directions of the experts, primarily staying in our homes, wearing masks when near others and frequently washing our hands to keep ourselves and others safe.  As we enter the coming months, we’d like to think that our quarantine conditions will ease, yet there is no guarantee of this.  While one would think that this might limit our contact with others, most have found creative ways to stay in touch.  Thanks to technology, we can email friends and family, phone them for a friendly visit and even visit with them visually on Facetime or in a Zoom session.  

Some have found enjoyment through many televised athletic events, albeit often as reruns from prior years, while others have found a variety of movies that have been added to our television channels.  Our very creative neighbors have used their free time to complete projects that were put on hold such as finally painting that room, reorganizing a closet or finishing that quilt or afghan left half-finished.  One recent suggestion was to actually write a letter to a friend or relative. This is somewhat of a lost art, but can be enjoyed by both the writing and later the reading of it.

We at the Foundation miss the several good works we are organized to offer to our fellow residents.  The Home Maintenance team members would truly enjoy being able to use their talents to renew your homes and make your lives safer.  Other works that will likely be missed this fall will be the golf tournament, initially postponed and now cancelled.  Our second Bingo afternoon was also cancelled and now, it seems that the Annual Dinner Dance Casino Night will not occur.  All of these events, however, are still planned for the coming year and we are sure to enjoy them even more once they can happen, letting us spend time with friends once again.     

There is definitely one thing that everyone can and should do soon for our protection.  That one thing is getting a flu shot which has been identified as a means of keeping ourselves healthy and, should anyone actually contract the COVID-19, it will prevent it from becoming even worse if combined with the flu.  We are concerned for everyone’s wellbeing in Sun City and we hope that you will stay safe until we can see you again. 

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