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A charitable service organization by and for the residents of Sun City Roseville

Article for November 2022:

Sun City Roseville Foundation 2022

SCR Foundation Fun Fact:   Every resident of Sun City Roseville is eligible to receive a free copy of the Foundation’s Survivor’s Guide.   The Foundation developed this guide with the goal of assisting survivors in coping with the illness or passing of a loved one.  The guide consists of a large binder with many tabs organized by these topics:

  • Personal Information

  • Household

  • Financial & Insurance

  • Estate Plans

  • Healthcare

  • Caregiving and End-of-Life

  • After the Loss

Each section provides you with space to record the details of your life that will be important to pass on to your loved ones.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all this information, so try to work on one topic at a time and enlist the help of a friend or family member.   It’s also important to revisit this information and to keep it up to date.  Lastly, tell one or more individuals whom you trust where this guide is kept.   To request your copy, please call the Foundation’s Helpline at 916-774-9040. 


Thinking ahead to 2023!  The Foundation’s Board of Directors oversee, organize, and support our various programs, events, and fundraising efforts.  Next year, some Directors will be reaching the end of their term and we’d like to start encouraging others to serve our community by joining the Foundation’s Board.  For a list of job descriptions, please visit our website at   You can also attend the Board’s special presentation covering the Foundation’s services and volunteer opportunities on January 28, 2023, we hope you’ll join us.