Article for July 2020:



A charitable service organization by and for the residents of Sun City Roseville

 by Toni Fisher, Public Relations Director

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The title here repeats the Mission Statement of the Sun City Roseville Foundation.  Considering our current challenges, this statement carries more meaning for all of us.   The Foundation Board understands that our primary work on behalf of all residents has had to be suspended with only a few exceptions.  Does that mean that we, as a community, cannot contribute to the well-being of our neighbors?  It does not, since we each have an opportunity to reach out to a friend or neighbor to visit with them and see how they are facing the quarantine situation.  A phone call or a friendly email can brighten someone’s day.  Some are sharing funny cartoons and amazing videos to brighten our daily lives.  Others are assisting by picking up a few items for friends when they visit the grocery store.  We hope you will find a way to communicate with someone and discover that it brightens your own day.

When most activities reopen, we of the Foundation will be prepared to assist with our many services.  The Home Maintenance teams anticipate many service requests.  To be prepared, they are creating a full plan as to how they will keep the team members and residents safe.  They are also working to ensure that the van is ready, sanitized and filled with an adequate amount of the supplies that will be needed.  If you need help now replacing batteries in your smoke detectors, call the non-emergency number for the Fire Department, 916-774-5000 Ext.1

While we await a safe return to activities in our community, our second annual Bingo! Event, typically held in August, will not be conducted and may be rescheduled for a later date.  We know how much those who attend enjoy the afternoon, but your safety is our priority in all of our work.

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