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Article for June 2021:



A charitable service organization by and for the residents of Sun City Roseville

 by Toni Fisher, Chair and Public Relations Director

New Foundation Directors Are Needed

Our facilities are open and the Foundation Directors have focused on a plan to return to our activities for the benefit and enjoyment of all residents.  We have publicized our need for volunteers to join the highly valued Home Maintenance Program and we hope that enough residents have now volunteered.  If you are still considering joining, we assure you that you will find it enjoyable and rewarding as you work with your fellow team member to resolve the repair or replacement needs of the residents you visit.

The Foundation offers several services to residents and Directors are needed to oversee several of them.  New Directors will join the Foundation as of this August and will serve a two-year term with the option of renewing for two additional terms.  Please consider joining the Foundation Board in one of these capacities. 

Our Annual Golf Tournament is organized by a Director with assistance on the day of the event by several other Directors, ensuring an enjoyable event which also raises some funds for other Foundation work.  Current Director Kent Hilburn will organize the advance details for the September tournament and lunch and will shadow the new Director to assist in the transition.  Kent has shared that a woman golfer Director might attract more women to participate in this fun event, but he welcomes anyone who is interested.  Contact Kent at or call him at 916.759.9615.

Another open position is for the Director who manages two documents, the Survivor’s Guide which helps residents to record information regarding their physical, medical, financial and family information to make it available in the event of illness or passing.  The Alternate Living Considerations Guide summarizes local senior facilities to inform those who decide that the time is right to move to a more appropriate facility.  The Director delivers the Survivor’s Guides to residents on request and orders additional Guides as needed.  While the Alternate Living Considerations material is on the Foundation website, the Director is responsible for visiting new facilities to evaluate their quality then add the qualified ones to the website.  Several Directors assist with the visit.  Contact current Director, Ginny Taylor at or call 916.771.8642.

Lastly, the Public Relations Director position is open.  Duties include writing this monthly article, assisting with the printing and mailing of the Annual Friends of the Foundation fundraising material and ordering the name badges for each new Director. Contact me at or call 916.783.0327.