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February 14, 2017

Updated May 2, 2020

Updated July, 2022


Prepared by the SCRF Board of Directors












The Sun City Roseville Foundation (SCRF) is a non-profit public benefit corporation operating for charitable purposes under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The mission of the SCRF is to provide services that address the physical, social, and related needs of Sun City Roseville (SCR) residents, thus improving their quality of life. The motto is “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” and the purview is the Sun City Roseville community. Activities include fundraising, performing and funding certain services for residents, financially supporting services administered by the Sun City Roseville Community Association (SCRCA) and contributing toward the purchase of certain community capital assets that meet residents’ needs. All activities are performed by resident volunteers.


This Strategic Plan describes the fundraising, services and activities of the SCRF. It also defines the long-term financial vision. It is reviewed and revised as needed.

Ongoing GOALS that the SCRF seeks to achieve every year are stated below, in priority order:
1. Maintain a reputation as a highly regarded organization
2. Raise sufficient funds every year to meet or exceed our obligations
3. Continue providing programs and services i.e. Home Maintenance Team and the Speaker Series
4. Meet the commitment to provide funding for those services offered by SCRCA’s       Sunshine Services which are Foundation subsidized
5. Engage in fundraising events that are popular with SCR residents
6. Offer additional programs and services or enhancements to existing programs and services consistent with our mission.
7. Consider contributing to the purchase of community capital assets
8. Ensure that each dollar spent by the SCRF benefits our residents

To ensure that the SCRF is continually positioned to meet all of the above goals, funds must be set aside whenever possible, in a Capital Reserve Account from which monies may be withdrawn at any time that fundraising efforts are not sufficient to meet all the above goals.


SCRF income is derived from fundraisers, donations and grants. The most significant income sources, as described below, are the annual appeal known as the Friends of the Foundation letter sent to all residents and property owners asking for donations as well as donations that arise as a result of Home Maintenance services. Currently, there are four fundraising events each year: two Bingo sessions, a golf tournament and an ever changing event in the fall. Other fundraising events may be initiated whenever the need for additional income arises.

* Friends of the Foundation Appeal

The appeal letter, signed by the SCRF’s chair, introduces the SCRF, summarizes the services and funding activities, and asks for donations. It is issued ahead of the income tax deadline. Included with the letter are brochures that describe the work in more detail. It is sent to all residents and to all non-resident property owners.


* Home Maintenance Donations

SCRF promotes this service as a free service consistent with our “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” motto. At the same time, at the end of each home visit, our Home Maintenance teams leave behind a form to facilitate a voluntary donation as a “thank you” for the service performed.  These donations provide less than one-half of the cost of the Home Maintenance Services.

* Bingo

SCRF holds two Bingo Events each year, usually in early March and August. The SCRCA contributes by providing the ballroom, setting up tables and chairs, and helping to publicize the events. SCRF Board members work during the event in a number of roles. Cash prizes are awarded for a set number of game. Additional proceeds go to the SCRF.

* Golf Tournament

The annual SCRF Golf Tournament is held in June. A SCRF Board member chairs the tournament, prepares the format, solicits hole sponsorships, lines up volunteers and manages the event. A luncheon normally follows the golfing portion. The entry fees and hole sponsor donations provide net income after expenses for the SCRF.

* Fall Event

This event, held in November, will be ever changing. It may be dining and dancing, casino night, gala, etc. The theme of this event will be presented to and voted on by the Directors.  Ticket sales minus expenses provide net income for the SCRF.

* Grants

SCRF looks for opportunities to receive grants from city, county and regional agencies. Grant source potentials include the City of Roseville, Placer County agencies, corporations and private sources.

* Charitable Donations

Owners and residents occasionally make commemorative and other charitable donations. At times, family trusts or final wills provide for certain donations to come to the SCRF. Our website has information that describes such donations.

* Donations from SCR Clubs and Groups

Clubs and Groups within Sun City Roseville will occasionally hold events where a fee is charged   and they generously donate some of their proceeds to the SCRF.

* Adding Fundraisers

SCRF also considers new fundraisers and, at times, reviews existing fundraising activities to determine the best set of such activities to provide income, maintain strong support from residents, and ensure that the amount of volunteer work required is available to us.


SCRF offers services and programs which are briefly identified below. In addition, SCRF funds or contributes to the purchase of community physical assets.

* Home Maintenance  

The Home Maintenance Program was designed to provide safe and expedient services to Sun City Roseville residents.  It was not designed to replace the work of contractors or handymen.  Home Maintenance resident volunteers work in two-person teams. While they will perform a variety of household maintenance tasks for Sun City Residents, they will only perform that which can be performed within their capabilities. They may decline to perform certain work requests.  Residents may file Home Maintenance service request forms in several ways: (1) Submit a form at the Activities Desk in the Timber Creek Lodge.  Forms are in the rack to the left of the Activities Desk and completed forms should be deposited in the red folder in the rack. (2) Complete a form on the Foundation website ( or via the SCRF link on the Sun City Roseville website or (3) By calling the SCRF phone number (916-774-9040) and requesting that the resident phone volunteer submit a service request on behalf of the resident.

* Sunshine Services

Sunshine Services is a service group under the Activities Department of the SCRCA. It administers the Caregiver Relief and Individual Care programs, the medical equipment loan program and discounted tickets for the Dial-A-Ride service. Comprehensive descriptions of each of these programs may be found in Sunshine Services materials on the Sun City Website and on the Sun City Foundation Website.

The services identified above are SCRF subsidized. In addition, SCRF is open to providing funding for new programs proposed by Sunshine Services.

* Speaker Series

SCRF provides financial support to SCRCA’s Activities Department for quarterly guest speakers presenting topics of general interest to the SCR community.

* Survivor’s Planning Program

This program is designed to assist residents, both couples and singles, in preparing for the loss of a loved one and adjusting to a new future. It includes the Survivor’s Guide, a binder of materials useful for gathering personal, household, financial, medical, insurance, caregiving, end-of-life and after-the-loss information that the survivor will need.  Each resident is eligible for one copy of the Survivor’s Planning Guide.

* Alternate Living Considerations

Those preparing a plan for the time when living within Sun City Roseville is no longer suitable are supplied with a wealth of information concerning free and fee-based agencies that can offer assistance, as well as descriptions of all the multi-service facilities located in our general area. This information is contained on the SCRF’s website and may be available in booklet form.




SCRF considers, with the proper paperwork, purchasing or contributing funds toward the purchase of community assets that meet resident needs. Examples of past purchases or contributions are the defibrillators throughout the community, the piano, the handrail in the indoor pool, benches around the common areas, golf carts for people with disabilities, gym equipment and LED lighting upgrades at School House Park.

SCRCA organizations may submit proposals for SCRF funding of assets that meet the mission of the SCRF.   Proposals may be submitted by filling out the forms available on the website to the Foundation Board at any time, for any amount. Clearly specify what the amount is for.  As we consider such purchases, the Foundation Board of Directors will determine if it will be widely available and beneficial to our Residents and the cost is within available funds.


* Involving Volunteers

The SCRF Board recruits and maintains a number of resident volunteers to participate in the services and Fundraising activities, using the donation form and other SCRF materials to solicit volunteers. Board members are responsible for attracting and maintaining volunteers.

* Working with the Sun City Community Association (SCRCA)

SCRF strives to achieve strong relationships with SCRCA staff at all levels. Cooperative efforts produce benefits in availability of facilities, publicizing activities, enhancing the quality of our services and programs, and avoiding duplication. Such relationships are crucial in ensuring the success of Home Maintenance services, the Golf Tournament, Bingo, etc.

* Increasing Resident Awareness

SCRF shall issue information to inform residents about the services offered and fundraisers that   make these services possible. To accomplish this, SCRF submits monthly articles to the Village Courier and Sun Senior News, and place posters or flyers in the Lodge. SCRF and Home Maintenance brochures are included in all new resident packets, thanks to the Ambassador Committee and assistance from SCRCA staff, as well as in our annual Friends of the Foundation appeal letter.  Semi-annually the SCRF offers a presentation to the residents keeping them informed of SCRF programs and services.

* SCRF Website

The SCRF website, is aimed at informing residents and others about the organization, it’s programs and services, and upcoming events.  The website has become an increasingly useful tool in carrying out SCRF activities.  A form is available on the website for residents who wish to make a donation or request Home Maintenance Services.





* Maintaining a Capital Reserve

Income in excess of expenses is placed in a Capital Reserve Investment Account, the management of which is defined by the SCRFs Investment Policy. A three-person investment committee, normally consisting of the Board’s Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Investment Director, works with our investment company, Delyon Wealth Management to invest all such monies to obtain a conservative return.

Capital Reserve funds may be used to:
(1) accommodate unexpected growth in services,
(2) provide additional operating money if there are periods when expenses exceed income,
(3) provide funds for a new service,
(4) provide for any large, one-time expense not recognized at budget preparation, and/or
(5) maintain a source of funds for use in later years when the need may become greater relative to income received from donations and fundraisers.

* Long Term Capital Reserve Strategy

In the context of item (5) above, the SCRF grows the investment account without compromising existing or new programs and services.

* Using the Capital Reserve

Capital Reserve funds are kept separate from the Operating Account. However,  transfers can be made between the Operating Account and Capital Reserve

(1) if income in excess of expenditures is expected or realized, or
(2) if the operating account’s budget performance information shows that reserve funds are needed to cover expenses.

At any time, if the Board decides on a new project, funds to meet its expenses can be  transferred from the Capital Reserve to the Operating Account.


* Board Members

SCRF Bylaws state that the Board shall consist of at least three, but not more than fifteen directors. The number at any time will be influenced by the availability of excellent candidates and the Board’s workload. Board officers shall strive to distribute work assignments evenly among directors. The Board chairperson may authorize a director to serve in more than one capacity. For example, the Corresponding Secretary who issues acknowledgement letters for donations received may also serve as the SCRF’s Secretary who sets meeting agendas, takes minutes, and maintains corporate records.


* Board Position Descriptions

Each director prepares and maintains a position description that explains his/her responsibilities and duties and, to the extent practical, how he/she accomplishes all associated work. These position descriptions are reviewed by Board officers to ensure a full understanding and avoid duplication. Once established, all such descriptions shall be available to all the directors. The position descriptions shall also be available to inform new director candidates about the scope of work for which they are being considered.

* Corporate Records

The SCRF Secretary is responsible for keeping Position Descriptions and other corporate records as described in the SCRF Bylaws. The Secretary or Treasurer shall also keep financial records as stated in the SCRF’s Records Retention Policy.

Because details of how a director or other volunteer manages a specific program or task must, at some point, be undertaken by a new director or volunteer, the Corporate Secretary shall maintain an Institutional File providing such information. Examples are the different thank you letters issued to donors for various kinds of donations, the list of items that a Bingo Floor Manager must remember to announce as the event proceeds, and how the Inventory of Loan Items is maintained and updated.

Approved at SCRF Board Meeting of August, 2022

 Nancy Schubach    , Chair

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