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Formerly Known as Dial-a-Ride

The Foundation financially supports the Arrow program for Sun City Roseville residents through a program administered by Sunshine Services.

  • Electronic cards for 10 rides are purchased, at a discount, for $25 by Sunshine Services and resold to residents for only $10.

    • The Foundation funds the remaining $15 for the residents. 

  • Passage for the bus is deducted from the electronic card for each one-way transportation, to or from any location within Roseville, with pick-up and drop-off at your home.  

  • The electronic cards (required by Roseville Transit) are available by calling 916-886-7008

  • Please Note:  Roseville Transit also requires/issues a photo I.D. to eligible residents so they may use the electronic cards. 

  • I.D.s may be obtained from the Transportation Department, 316 Vernon Street, Suite 150.

  • To Request a Ride call 916-745-7560 or use the Arrow Mobile App.

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