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Alternate Living Considerations

Getting Started


Most of us will reach a point when some consideration should be given to alternative living arrangements.  At issue is whether one wishes to be in control of the transition or be forced to make a quick decision during a crisis.  The following questions should be considered before you determine what facilities, services, health care and amenities will be needed following such a change.


  1. Am I living on my own – alone?                                                                                 Y/N

  2. Am I able to drive?                                                                                                      Y/N

  3. Do I depend on others to go shopping, to the pharmacy or to medical care?             Y/N

  4. Is my physical mobility adequate for independent life?                                             Y/N

  5. Is maintaining my home and yard becoming a chore?                                                Y/N 

  6. Would a smaller home or apartment be a better fit for me?                                        Y/N

  7. Do I have a condition that will become more debilitating in the next few years?      Y/N

  8. Are my nutritional needs adequately met?                                                                  Y/N

  9. Am I able to perform all the activities of daily living? (bathing, meals, dressing, meds)  Y/N

  10. Do I have addictions or dependencies that should be met with outside help?            Y/N

  11. Is my health such that I need or may soon require closer proximity to medical support?  Y/N

  12. Are my mental facilities declining? (Not just “senior moments”)                              Y/N 

  13. Can I manage my checking account, pay bills on time?                                             Y/N

  14. Do I forget to take my medication?                                                                             Y/N

  15. Have others suggested that I should have a different living arrangement?                 Y/N

  16. If I have a partner/spouse, are they in good health?                                                    Y/N

  17. If I am disabled and have no family, should I consider a Fiduciary?                          Y/N

  18. Could either of us cope with the loss of the other?                                                     Y/N

  19. Do I have sufficient financial resources?                                                                    Y/N

  20. Do I want my family involved in making decisions concerning my care?                 Y/N

  21. How much space do I need?                                                                                       Y/N

  22. Do I need one or more meals to be prepared for me daily?                                        Y/N       

  23. Do I have special dietary requirements?                                                                     Y/N

  24. Is transportation needed to go to a barber/stylist, shopping, medication, dining out?   Y/N

  25. Do I/we have a medical problem that needs to be monitored by a specialist?            Y/N

  26. Do I/we require medical treatment on-site?                                                                Y/N

  27. Do I/we need assistance with daily living activities?                                                  Y/N

  28. Do I need help with medication?                                                                                 Y/N

  29. Do I need to be near family or friends?                                                                       Y/N

  30. What amenities do I desire (i.e. Fitness center, pool or activity center)?                    Y/N

If your answers to the above questions have left you feeling the need for professionals to assist you in making the lifestyle decision, the next two pages will provide listings for “Free” and “Fee Based” advisory services.

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