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 “The mission of Alternate Living Considerations (ALC) is to provide the residents of Sun City Roseville with a planning tool for a meaningful alternative when it becomes clear that a different living situation is necessary.”

In response to requests by residents of Sun City Roseville, the Sun City Roseville Foundation compiled the following information to assist our residents in planning for their future.  It was not our objective to recommend a particular agency, service or community, but rather to provide a tool for our neighbors and friends.  In compiling the information on the following pages, we express our appreciation to the various agencies and communities for their participation and cooperation on this project.  We have intentionally omitted fee structures for the various services and residential communities as listing those prices would involve constant monitoring and updating of the data.  Understandably, we leave this to the various organizations that we identify.  Additionally, the fees for residential communities vary widely based upon your personal needs, wishes and requirements.  Most communities include a one-time, up front, “Community Fee” in addition to the monthly fees.  Contact information is listed at the top of the information pages.


You must consider what lifestyle you wish to maintain.  How is your current health?  Do you wish to remain in the same general area or move to another city or state?  If you are going to move to another city, are you comfortable with changing doctors?  Do you think you might want to remain in your home or move to a multi-care facility?  If you currently have in-home care, can you afford to increase that level of care at home?  These are just a few of the questions you need to consider. 


It is especially important to develop a plan before you are reacting to a crisis! You should be aware of the cost of ‘future’ care needs if you decide to relocate to your new residence.  Can that residence handle your needs if they increase?  Over the next few pages, you will find information to help you determine where to begin this process.

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