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Multi-Level Care Facilities

Know Before You Go



BEFORE you begin touring, there are some basic questions you might want to inquire about.  There are many senior communities in the area, and you want to find the one that fits you just right.  Plan on inquiring about what makes each facility unique or different from the others.  Look for the following signs:


  1. First impression:  Are things bright and cheery or old and worn?  Does the open space and entrance look inviting?  Is this a more “formal” atmosphere or a homey “comfortable” feel?  What appeals to you?

  2. Observe the staff:  Do they look happy?  Are they interacting with residents? 

  3. Observe the residents:  Are there many residents moving about the community?  Do they look happy and engaged in the community?  If possible, strike up a conversation with one or more and ask them about their experiences. 

  4. Overall, how does the entire community look?  Is it kept up well?  If there are outdoor spaces, are they being maintained accordingly? 

  5. When setting up an appointment, you might inquire if you can work it around a meal and be able to taste the food. 



Keep in mind several questions that you may wish to ask:


  1.  What types of residents does this community serve?  Is this an Independent Living community or an Assisted Living Community?  Memory Care?  Does it offer “aging in place” so you do not have to switch apartments should something happen to your physical capacity?

  2. What are the amenities included in your monthly fee?  Things such as housekeeping, meals, social activities, outings, etc. 

    • Ask about the services you may be required to pay extra for such as meal delivery, medication administrations, etc. (**This is an important question as there are many services that can be provided a la carte.  Many residences are moving toward a monthly “Level of Care (LOC)” basis depending on the needs of each resident.)

  3. What is the staff-to-resident ratio?    Are there enough staff on site to assist if needed?

  4. How many meals a day are included and what are the operating hours offered?  Can meals be taken to your room?

  5. What will the staff do to ensure an easy transition into the community? 

  6. Is transportation provided for medical appointments or shopping trips? 

  7. Will the family be supported through this process and be informed about how a loved one is doing?

  8. How much is the initial community fee to move in? 

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