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The Home Maintenance Program operates approximately 4 hours per day, Monday through Thursday.  Service is not available on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Holidays.  Service is first-come, first-served.   The Maintenance Team will call when they are available to provide service.  No appointments will be made in advance, so please answer your phone if you recently requested service.


The Program is staffed solely by Sun City Roseville resident volunteers.  It is not meant to be a substitute for handyman or contracted services.  Please do not ask them to do anything you wouldn’t ask of your next-door neighbor or request excessive amounts of work assistance that are more appropriate for a handyman or other service provider to perform.


The Maintenance Team may decline to perform certain services if they believe those services are beyond their individual skills and/or abilities.  If you need immediate service, and cannot wait a few days, you are advised to contact a handyman, contractor, or other service provider.

Coming Soon!

Van Coming Soon.jpg

Thanks to your generous donations the Sun City Roseville Foundation Home Maintenance Volunteer Team will soon be driving a new maintenance van to service the community.

This van will replace the current home maintenance van which is 16 years old.  The older van has had some mechanical problems recently which have impacted the ability of the team to provide their voluntary services to Sun City Roseville residents.

Handyman Services

Given your needs and the anticipated wait time to receive the services, it may be expedient for you to contact a private handyman.  Many handymen are available for changing batteries and replacing smoke detectors, as well as performing other home services.


Please consult The Courier or Sun Senior News for advertisements of handyman services that are available in the neighborhood. 

Please note that private handyman services will charge you for their work.

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Home Maintenance Services

You don’t have to be ill, or recovering from a recent surgery, or skittish about climbing up a ladder to request one or more of the MANY services provided by us - the Foundation Home Maintenance Service.

There are several ways to request service:

  • Complete a form in the front desk in Timbers Lodge, checking the appropriate box(es) and indicating the date you’d prefer for service. Leave the completed form in the file. 

  • You can also visit our website, for an electronic submission form.  Check the appropriate box(es), specify a preferred date, click on “Submit” and the work will be scheduled.

If needed, you can call our Help Line at 916-774-9040, leave a message and our volunteer will call you back.

Our services are for everybody in Sun City Roseville. Please don’t hesitate to ask for our help.

The services offered include:

  • Replace Smoke Detector

If you have a “chirping” smoke detector, we will replace all of your detectors with ones with 10-year batteries.

  • Replace Light Bulbs

We replace most standard light bulbs for your light fixtures. If a special bulb is required, you will be asked to buy the replacement and we will install it.


  • Replace / Clean Air Filters

Because filters come in different sizes, you will need to supply the filter. If you don’t already know the size, we will remove the old one for you so you can purchase a replacement. Once you have the filter, we will install it for you. If you have a reusable filter, we will clean it and put it back.


  • Program Your Thermostat or Replace the Batteries

We will reset the program to suit your needs and replace the batteries, when needed. We carry standard batteries in our van.


  • Program Your Irrigation Controller

These can be very confusing! We can replace batteries, reset the program as needed and show you how to set everything the way you want it.


  • Minor Plumbing

We will free sticky garbage disposals, and repair sink stoppers and toilet handles, if you obtain needed replacement parts.


  • Minor Electrical

We reset tripped circuit breakers and GFCI switches, help locate causes of trouble and replace or repair faulty wall switches and doorbell low voltage transformers.

  • Garage Door Openers

We lubricate squeaky doors, reset controls if your door is stuck and replace light bulbs in your controller.


  • Move Furniture and Hang Wall Art

We will move a limited number of light pieces of furniture. We will also hang light wall art, if you supply the wall hangers.


  • Remove Electronic / Medical Waste

The service request form has details as to what we remove, i.e., syringes and non-operating electric items such as VCRs, radios printers and cell phones. We take such items to the Waste Management site where they are safely disposed of by their technicians.  NOTE: Resident is responsible for erasing disk drives on computers before pickup.


  • Refer to Others

If you have a need that requires special training, special handling, will require more than the time we have available, or is something beyond the abilities or comfort level of our volunteer team, we will say so. Our volunteers might suggest a solution, refer you to another of our volunteer teams, or refer you to sources of professional services.


  • Some Final Notes

Our services are not meant to replace normal handyman or contracted services. If you need immediate assistance or specialized or extensive services, you should contact an appropriate service provider.

The following are examples of services not provided by the home maintenance volunteers:

Install or Remove Holiday Decorations

Clean or repair rain gutters
Repair roofs
Repair fountains
Inspect or repair hose bibs, drip systems, emitters, drip lines, sprinklers or sprayers
Mount hose holders on house wall
Plant or remove trees or shrubs
Repair fences, lattice or gates
Install or repair
 garden or landscaping lights
Service, re-light, check or drain water heaters
Service or re-light furnaces, fireplaces, gas fireplaces
Install or build shelves
Spackle holes, paint or caulk
Install grab bars
Install or remove indoor or outdoor window coverings or shades
Install or remove light fixtures
Install or service ceiling fans
Install thermostats, irrigation timers or garbage disposals
Install weather-stripping
Replace flourescent fixture ballasts (we only replace fluorescent tubes)
Replace toilet fill valves
Install water heater blankets
Repair or adjust appliances
Assemble furniture

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