Items Carried in the Van:

     * Smoke Alarms:      Hardwired for 120 Volt AC with 9V battery backup

     * Batteries:               9 volt for smoke alarms, AA/AAA for thermostats, CO alarms and irrigation timers

     * Light Bulbs:            LED for most standard indoor and outdoor fixtures

                                      4 foot fluorescent tubes

                                      Address light bulbs

     * Miscellaneous:       Some type of wall switches

                                      Picture hangers, screws, nails, nuts and bolts,

      *Tools:                     Ladders, Hand Tools, Plumbers Helpers, Lubricants


Items Residents May Have to Purchase at a Store
  • Other types of smoke alarms, chosen by resident

  • Specialty bulbs or batteries

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms

  • Plastic lens cover for fluorescent fixtures

  • Address light fixtures

  • Wall switches or doorbell buttons

  • Furnace/AC filters

  • Transformers for doorbell/address light

  • Ballast for fluorescent fixtures

  • Refill/flapper valve for toilet tanks

  • Faucet/door hardware replacement parts  Note: Many parts may be furnished  free of charge by calling plumbing/door hardware supplier. (Ask Home Maintenance Team for information)


Need Home Maintenance Help?
  • Click on the button on the right to submit an Electronic Maintenance Request online or

  • Visit the Administration Office in the Timbers Lodge to fill out  your form. 

  • Call our volunteers at (916) 774-9040 if additional help is needed.