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Foundation History

Initial plans for a charitable foundation at Sun City Roseville began in 1995 when Del Webb Foundation donated $2,500 to get the newly proposed Sun City Roseville Foundation (SCRF) up and running.  Sun City Roseville Foundation made its first grant in 1997 to the Sunshine Committee to purchase two lightweight wheelchairs for the Medical Equipment Loan program.  Over the years, generous donations, fundraising events and careful money management have allowed SCRF to provide services that address the physical, social, and related needs of Sun City Roseville residents, beyond the services already provided by the Sun City Roseville Association.


Foundation Mission Statement

The mission of the Foundation is to provide services that address the physical, culture, educational and social needs of Sun City Roseville residents beyond those services already provided by the Sun City Roseville Association.


Foundation Funding Priorities

Support services and projects that—

•   contribute to the safety, welfare, or security of residents

•   permit/promote residents’ longevity in their homes and in the community

•   provide benefit that can be enjoyed by a large number of residents

•   meet, in a significant manner, the physical, cultural, and social needs of residents


Past Funding Support for Services and Projects

1.     Complete funding for The Home Maintenance Program, which has been in existence since 1998 and has been a vital service to many of our residents when basic household tasks have become more difficult. 

2.     The SCRCA Activity Department’s Speaker Series and the Fitness Center’s First Aid/CPR/AED classes.

3.     SCRCA Sunshine Services, with Arrow (formerly Dial-A-Ride) bus tickets and needed supplies for the medical equipment loan program.

4.     Sun City Roseville capital assets (benches, handrails for the swimming pool, piano) and

5.     In the future, Sun City Roseville’s capital projects that are included in its strategic plan.


Foundation Fundraising Efforts

To support its mission, the Foundation engages in fundraising activities that include an annual appeal letter to Sun City residents, bingo three times per year, an annual gala event, and requests for support from residents receiving Home Maintenance services.


Grant proposals must be in writing and must include responses to all of the questions on the following application form.


Submit proposal:

Electronically to

Sun City Roseville Foundation

Grants Program and Application Form



Grant Title: _____________________________       Date Submitted: _________________


Section One: Overview Summary


Clearly describe the need (problem to be solved) that your project will meet in the community and how it will make a significant positive impact.  Please include the amount of funding requested.












Section Two: Proposal details


Please describe the purpose, objectives, and key anticipated outcomes of your proposal.





Please describe the individuals or communities served.





Please provide an overview of your proposed timeline.





Please provide your proposed budget.





Section Three: Organization information 


Please provide your organization mission statement.





Tell us about the history of your organization.





Tell us about your current programs and activities.





Please list key individuals involved with this project.






Section Four: Evaluation information


Please describe the desired measurable outcomes and their anticipated timeline.





Please describe how you intend to measure and report on the effectiveness of the project/proposal.





Section Five: Supplementary information 


Please include any supplementary documents which you feel will be essential to the review committee.





Section Six: Contact information


Contact Name.





Email address.





Phone number.






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Submit proposals:

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