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Alternate Living Considerations

Multi-Level Care Facilities


We are fortunate to have many residential communities nearby.  They are divided into several categories based upon the level(s) of care they can provide to their residents.  The major levels of care are broken down as follows:

MultiLevel Care.jpg

Independent Living = The resident is fully capable of care for themselves.  However, some communities offer amenities such as meals, housekeeping and limited transportation. 


Assisted Living = The resident requires meal preparation and some level of assistance with the activities of daily living and medication management.


Memory Care = The resident requires assistance with all activities of daily living.  Additional security is provided to maintain the safety of the residents.


Continuous Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) = These communities offer all levels of care (including skilled nursing services) in one community.  Their goal is to allow the resident to remain in the same community for the remainder of their life.


Additional levels of care can also be found in some of the following facilities.


Skilled Nursing Facilities = 24-hour nursing care is provided along with physical, speech, respiratory or occupational therapy.  Pain management, physical rehabilitation and intravenous services are provided in this environment.


Respite Care = Primarily short-term care.  Some facilities offer the opportunity to stay for a day, a week or even a month.  This short stay allows a resident to experience the lifestyle while giving their caregiver a much-needed break from the responsibilities of caring for their loved one.


On the following pages, you will find a listing of several nearby communities.  We have listed their contact numbers and levels of care provided.  We have also listed additional information which you may find pertinent.  As fees vary over time, we have not listed the cost structure for each facility.  That information can be collected by contacting and touring the communities.  You will find they are all pleased to take you on a tour of their facilities and discuss the fee structure.  However, it is recommended that you call first and make an appointment.

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