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​Survivor Guide

In 2003, Sun City Roseville Foundation along with Sutter Roseville Medical Center, prepared a Survivor Guide to help residents prepare for the loss of their spouse. 

This guide is very extensive but relatively simple to understand and fill out.  It is the hope of the Foundation that every household would have a Guide in their home. 

Each section of the book has space for residents to fill out such as:

  •  Personal (Personal Information, lists of family members, contact information for previous employers, etc.)

  • Household (where to find circuit breakers, internet providers, etc.)

  • Financial Information (lists of assets, where to find will/trust, etc.)

  • Caregiver and End-of-life information (who to contact, funeral information, etc.)

  • Information on what to do after loss.

When these binders are used and filled out properly, they can be left in the home for family members to find and use in the event of illness or death thereby ensuring some peace of mind for the resident, knowing they have done what they can to ease the process.

This Guide is not meant to replace a will or trust, which everyone should have, but is an additional tool that can be used by the surviving spouse or family members who may need to take charge. 

This free guide is for any resident of Sun City Roseville (one per household).  To request your copy of the Survivor Guide, please call the Foundation's Voicemail  at 916/774-9040 or send an email to  Please leave your name, phone number, and address.  Someone from the Foundation will be in touch with you to deliver a guide to you. 

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