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Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Most form entry problems are caused by the user's web browser configuration issues.  The following steps are recommended to fix problems you may have with the browser on your computer.

1.  Refresh the website you are working on. This will solve issues with loading and is a good starting point for all tech issues.

2.  Clear your cache and restart your browser  

3.  Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser. If you're browsing Incognito, changes you make to an app may not save.

4.  Switch to a different browser. We recommend switching to Firefox or Chrome as they tend to be more reliable.

 5.  If you have any ad-blockers, a firewall or antivirus software installed, try temporarily disabling those to see if that makes a difference.

6.  Reset the browser to its default settings. Essential information like bookmarks will be saved. Click on your browser below for a walk-through tutorial.

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Internet Explorer

7.  Restart your computer.

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