Donate a Car, Pickup, Golf Cart, or Boat for the Foundation

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Click the DonateLocal logo to go the the Sun City Roseville Vehicle Donation Page

Details of DonateLocal (DL) Vehicle Donation Program

A Safe, Reliable, Helpful Company Handling ALL the Work


  1. DonateLocal brings a tow truck to your vehicle - running just fine or not nunning at all.

  2. DonateLocal leaves you a receipt for the vehicle and you sign their release form to transfer the vehicle to them.

  3. DonateLocal takes the vehicle to its shop, examines it, and decides how much to invest in the vehicle to make it ready for sale.

  4. DonateLocal sells the vehicle in the RETAIL market - unlike most such firms who auction it off or scrap it.

  5. DonateLocal is entitled to scrap it - if it really is a "bucket of bolts".

  6. DonateLocal handles all the (considerable) DMV paperwork and smog requirements.

  7. Once the vehicle sells, DonateLocal sends the donor a 1098 form showing what the vehicle sold for.

  8. The donor uses the 1098 form to support tax return claim.

  9. DonateLocal uses a portion of the sale proceeds to cover the costs of their (contracted) efforts.

  10. DonateLocal  then sends the SCR Foundation the NET proceeds.

  11. The SCR Foundation sends the donor a Thank-You letter.

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