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Sun City Roseville Foundation (SCRF) is a non-profit public benefit corporation operating for charitable purposes under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Our mission is to provide services that address the physical, cultural, educational, and social needs of Sun City Roseville (SCR) residents.  Our activities include fundraising and performing certain services for residents, financially supporting services administered by the SCR Community Association (SCRCA) and contributing toward the purchase of certain community capital assets that meet resident’s needs.  Our activities are performed by resident volunteers.


Job Title

Public Relations Director




Promote a positive relationship between the Foundation and residents of Sun City Roseville by effectively communicating the Foundation’s mission and strategy.


Job Duties

  • Write the monthly article for the Sun City Village Courier and the Sun Senior News to provide:

    • Awareness of the programs and services offered by the Foundation

    • Information about social events and fundraising activities

    • Inspiration to join the Foundation’s Volunteer network

  • Assist with content on the Foundation’s website

  • Assist with updates to the Foundation and Home Maintenance brochures

  • Drive the annual Friends of the Foundation fundraising campaign which consists of printing and mailing a letter to all SCR residents

  • Maintain documentation describing how to perform the repeatable tasks of this position

  • Attend monthly Foundation Board meetings and occasional Foundation sponsored events and presentations

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