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Sun City Roseville Foundation is a non-profit public benefit corporation operating for charitable purposes under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Our mission is to provide services that address the physical, cultural, educational, and social needs of Sun City Roseville residents.  Our activities include fundraising and performing certain services for residents, financially supporting services administered by the SCR Community Association and contributing toward the purchase of certain community capital assets that meet resident’s needs.  Our activities are performed by resident volunteers.


Job Title




The Chairperson shall be elected by the Board from among the directors.  He or she shall be the chief executive officer of the Corporation and shall, subject to the control of the Board, have general supervision, direction and control of the affairs and officers of the Corporation.  He or she shall preside at all meetings of the Board and shall have the general power and duties of management usually vested in the office of Chair of the Board of a nonprofit charitable organization, together with such other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board or the Bylaws.


Job Duties

  • Achieve and maintain a basic knowledge of the corporation’s governing documents (especially those portions containing applicable law), policies, methods of operations, and traditions

  • Provide general supervision, control, and direction of the corporation

  • Create special purpose committees of the Board to address specific objectives or issues

  • Preside over all meetings of the Board, except when unavailable to do so, and observing Robert’s Rules of Order (as applicable)

  • Maintain a Strategic Plan with yearly goals and long-term financial vision

  • Create an Annual Report to summarize the past year’s accomplishments.

  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with the Sun City Roseville Community Association’s Board of Directors, Executive Director and Managers

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