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SCRF considers, with the proper paperwork, purchasing or contributing funds toward the purchase of community assets that meet resident needs. Examples of past purchases or contributions are the defibrillators throughout the community, the piano, the handrail in the indoor pool, benches around the common areas, golf carts for people with disabilities, gym equipment and LED lighting upgrades at School House Park.


SCRCA organizations may submit proposals for SCRF funding of assets that meet the mission of the SCRF.   Proposals may be submitted by filling out the forms available on the website to the Foundation Board at any time, for any amount. Clearly specify what the amount is for.  As we consider such purchases, the Foundation Board of Directors will determine if it will be widely available and beneficial to our Residents and the cost is within available funds.

Sun City Roseville Foundation

Grant Application Form



Grant Title: _____________________________       Date Submitted: _________________


Section One: Overview Summary


Clearly describe the need (problem to be solved) that your project will meet in the community and how it will make a significant positive impact.  Please include the amount of funding requested.












Section Two: Proposal details


Please describe the purpose, objectives, and key anticipated outcomes of your proposal.





Please describe the individuals or communities served.





Please provide an overview of your proposed timeline.





Please provide your proposed budget.





Section Three: Organization information 


Please provide your organization mission statement.





Tell us about the history of your organization.





Tell us about your current programs and activities.





Please list key individuals involved with this project.






Section Four: Evaluation information


Please describe the desired measurable outcomes and their anticipated timeline.





Please describe how you intend to measure and report on the effectiveness of the project/proposal.





Section Five: Supplementary information 


Please include any supplementary documents which you feel will be essential to the review committee.





Section Six: Contact information


Contact Name.





Email address.





Phone number.






Click the buttons below to download the grant request form in MS-Word or PDF format

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