Article for September 2019

Welcome to Fall!

As we welcome September, we’re counting on cooler days and more enjoyable activities.  Your Foundation is ready with the enjoyment part.  The Annual Casino Night will kick off on November 9 and this year’s updates should make the evening even more enjoyable.  The event will be “Welcome to the Roundup,” a fun, western-themed evening of great food, dancing to the spirited tunes of the band, 27 Outlaws, and more gaming tables!  The cancellation of the Silent Auction will leave more room for gaming throughout the evening using the $10,000 per person fun money.

Watch for the announcement regarding advance ticket sales since they sell fast!  Tickets are still $100 per person and you are sure to find they are worth the price.


Our recent social activity, the August 11 Bingo! afternoon was again a fun time spent with friends and family.  Those who won were excited and those who happened not to win still had a fun and cool afternoon.  While the event is not intended as a fundraiser, any funds in excess of expenses are added to our donated funds and used for the many helpful projects provided by the Foundation.   Thanks to all who attended and thanks to the Foundation volunteers who assisted the organizer, Director Nancy Schubach. 


Speaking of helpful projects for our residents, the Survivor’s Guide binder contains an impressive set of pages where you record information on all necessary topics to help your family should you become incapacitated.  It reminds you of the important details to record and provides the places to list them, from financial information to medical and insurance details, as well as a broad listing of many other important facts.  Some topics have a double set of pages to complete for you and a spouse.  Completing it now, no matter your current age is helpful since we can’t predict when something might happen and, if completed in pencil, it can be updated as needed.  Contact Director Ginny Taylor at 916.771.8642. 


Please Note:  We recently received a resident’s comment that the Home Maintenance Volunteers would not assist her with a broken smoke alarm on a weekend.  While we all understand how challenging that can be, we should remind everyone that the volunteer teams work on weekdays only.  In this particular instance, we suggest calling the fire department who can help at any time.  The topic of failed smoke alarms reminds us that they have just a ten-year lifespan and it is good to have them checked before they die.  Schedule a visit from the teams on your terms and your alarms can be evaluated, batteries replaced, or the entire unit replaced if needed; this should help avoid a Saturday night alarm waking you up.   

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