Article for February 2020:



A charitable service organization by and for the residents of Sun City Roseville

 by Toni Fisher, Public Relations Director


2020 Is In Full Swing!

Now that we have survived the happenings around the holidays and have settled in to the new year, enjoying the cool weather and somewhat frequent rain, we look toward another full year of Sun City activities and events.  The first Foundation event will be the Bingo! afternoon on Sunday, March 8.  If you are new to Sun City, you might find this event to be an enjoyable afternoon spent with friends and family, making some new friends and perhaps winning a game.  The event, held in the Timbers Ballroom from 1:00 to 4:00pm, is attended by well over two hundred friendly people who have high hopes that they will win a game and the cash prize that goes with it.  Tickets will be sold starting at 12:30pm.  The cost is $20 for fifteen games, each having a $100 prize for the winner.   A sixteenth game, for an additional $2, has a $250 prize.  The event is not limited to Sun City residents and snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are welcome.  Ticket presales will be in the lobby on March 1 from 8:00am to noon during Courier Days.  While this is primarily a social event, any funds raised over expenses help to fund the beneficial work of the Foundation for all residents.  Will you join us for some fun?


All Foundation Directors and others who assist them are unpaid volunteers, committed to doing helpful work for Sun City.  The Foundation raises funds for its work in several ways.  A major source of funding comes from the donations offered in response to our annual Friends of the Foundation Appeal.  Letters inviting your support will arrive in early March and will contain a listing of the good work of the Foundation funded by your tax-deductible donations.  We hope you’ll watch for it and make a donation in any amount. 

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