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A charitable service organization by and for the residents of Sun City Roseville


by Toni Fisher, Chair and Public Relations Director


Can You Give Back To Our Community?


  This first year of a new decade can be a time to reflect on our lives and, in particular, what we have been involved in within Sun City and what we are doing to help enhance the lives of those in our community.  While each of these monthly articles focuses on the many services provided by the Foundation and often asks for your contributions, either as a participant in an event or with a cash contribution, this month we are coming to ask you to consider a contribution of your time and talents.     

  The Foundation Board of Directors has openings for several new volunteers to serve on the Board in a variety of capacities.   As you read through the descriptions of the open positions and the responsibilities of each, we hope that you will spot something that interests you and you would like to take on.  Each position has a well-defined role within the Foundation and each needs certain talents, abilities and interests on your part.  But don’t let that scare you.  If you think you are interested and suited to the position, it will be an easy process to join the other Directors at our monthly meetings and then perform the specific duties as needed throughout the rest of the month.


  At the top of the list of openings is the Home Maintenance Director.  This Director oversees the six rotating two-man teams who respond to resident requests for various services.  In addition to establishing the teams and occasionally scheduling a substitute for a team member, the Director restocks the supply of materials in the van; creates a monthly report of services provided for each Board meeting and the tally of these on an annual basis; oversees the periodic maintenance of the service van; and manages the budgeted funds for these uses.  Some past Directors have served as a team member, but this is not a requirement. 


  Second of the open positions is that of Board Secretary.  As most secretaries do, the minutes of the monthly meeting are recorded and shared the following month for approval.  The Foundation’s minutes are historically brief, recording only those details that must be retained for future reference along with any official actions of the Board.  The Secretary maintains the official binders of past meeting minutes and agendas.


  Lastly, a new Public Relations Director is needed since at this time the role is being filled by the current Chair who previously served in that position.  The main responsibility is writing a monthly article for the Courier, describing the Foundation’s work to inform and, hopefully, to earn the support of all residents.  Additionally, this position is responsible for creating and posting descriptive flyers that inform residents of specific services and fundraising efforts.       


  The Board of Directors enjoy a collegial working relationship with each other and the meetings are filled with shared suggestions aimed at assisting each other as we work to further the Foundation’s beneficial impact. 


  Please contact me at 916.783.0327 if you’re considering joining us!

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