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A charitable service organization by and for the residents of Sun City Roseville


by Toni Fisher, Chair and Public Relations Director


Heading Toward 2020 After a Successful 2019

As we near the end of what has been a very busy year, we are happy to report that it was also a successful year for the Foundation. With the variety of Foundation events such as the two Bingo! afternoons, the Annual Golf Tournament and this month, the Annual Casino Night, the Foundation’s mission “. . . to serve the physical, cultural, educational and social needs of Sun City residents . . .” has been well met.  The Annual Casino Night, “Welcome to the Roundup,” on November 9 will be its usual fun casual evening for couples and singles with western attire, good food, dancing and more gaming tables than ever with cash prizes for the best gamers.  Although ticket sales have been brisk, there may still be few for purchase.  Contact Nancy Schubach at or phone her at 916.740.4453.  You will be glad you came! 


We often point out that these activities serve a second purpose, that of raising funds for our other programs, fulfilling another goal of serving the physical needs of residents.  Of these, the best known is the Home Maintenance Program, but we also fund the quarterly, interesting Speaker Series and the Sunshine Services Program, both managed by the Activities Department.  Not as well-known, yet very helpful, is the Survivor’s Guide Binder and the informational booklet, Alternate Living Considerations, both of which are available at no cost to residents, however tax-deductible donations in any amount are always appreciated.


Regarding Home Maintenance, we have had some input from residents that we’d like to respond to.  Our phone number, 916.774.9040, is one way to request a visit from Home Maintenance for a variety of services they provide.  One note about calling this number, however, is that our phone volunteers do not staff the phone throughout the day so you are asked to leave a brief message regarding your needs. The volunteer picks up the messages as often as twice per day and returns your call that same day to schedule your service.  It is important that you speak slowly and clearly.  Another quick way to request service is to go to the Foundation website, where, once you click on the Home Maintenance button, you have a choice of filing your request form electronically or printing a form that you can deliver to the Administration office.  In all cases, you will be contacted to schedule your service, but keep in mind that a small delay is likely since the volunteer teams cannot respond to emergency matters and the Association Administration office is unable to assist you.  We suggest you consider possible needs for your home and request service in advance.  An example might be the replacement of batteries for your smoke alarms or possibly their entire replacement since the current ones in most homes have a life of just ten years.  Servicing them before they start beeping in the middle of the night is a smart approach.  For more information, an explanatory flyer is available in the wall file outside the Administration office.


One important correction from last month’s article:  The correct name of the service that helps you sell your vehicle for a donation to the Foundation is DonateLocalCalifornia and the foundation website provides helpful information on this service as well.

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